Obscenity Isn't The Only Thing I'm Selling
Suicide by Association

I think I’ve killed myself
—eyes empty, hollow holes,
head stuck downtrodden—
No road, no horizon
(Success could run by me, run like a bison)

What would you like, red-hand, dead man?
I’ve tried sorrow, I ate some hate
Nothing quells this hunger
(I’m left with feelings that dissipate)

My skin is like snow
No, it does not glow
Touch me, I melt
Caution you’re in the deep end
Stand back, I’m cold and go dim
(I loathe the winter and I cannot swim)

I think I’ve killed myself
I will do it again, again
I’ve done it once
I can count to ten
(Tally up with a pencil, tally up with a pen)

Sound I can make, but I cannot talk
Words are hard, syntax is such a bore
That’s not saliva, that’s just drivel
(An office, a chair, I swivel)

My forehead, a bullet hole!
Oh, this old thing?
For years I’ve had it
Gave it to myself, I gave 110 percent
(X marks the spot, of my anniversary present)

You see—no, you cannot see
There’s sometimes breathing in the body of the dead
Sometimes the world stands on its head
That’s how I’m a murder, that’s why I’ve died
(This I’ve done to myself, this is parasuicide)


I am not bitter; I have many flavors.
Sweet and sour, better together,
better apart.
Maybe you’re the limited one;
an expansion not quite open,
a one-track mind taste bud.
Excuse me, if I bud a little further.

You caught me on the wrong day,
on the wrong week,
during the wrong lifetime.
Surely, as the weeks will change,
so will my flavor.
And as the leaves turn,
may your palate as well.

LOOK AT THIS. Now that I have your attention (giggles), read this epic thing I wrote. Seriously, it’s important:

The Backline organization (yourbackline.org) that I’ve had the pleasure of working for is working on opening in Bloomington the first ever All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center. This center will help provide to individuals resources regarding ANYTHING to do with pregnancy, abortion, adoption, parenting, etc. We do not push an agenda. We are not affiliated with a religious organization and we do not push a Pro-Life agenda onto individuals. We are Pro-Voice, Pro-Listening, Pro-You.

If we could get this center going, we could provide one-on-one and phone counseling, diapers, baby clothes, free pregnancy tests and condoms, and referrals to all kinds of providers such as abortion funding and more.

Please do not just “like” this post. It’s easy to show that kind of support. It’s easy for our generation to “like” something, but not do anything more. This is our world and let’s, like, make it better and shit. Please check out this badass video if you have any questions (or message me): http://vimeo.com/97390924 and please donate to help get this project off the ground.


^THIS is the link to donate. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, share the fuck out of this project. In the words of my program director, “It’s time for a radical new approach to supporting pregnant people - without judgment, without bias, and without strings attached. Let’s do this!”

Someone once asked me, “Why do you insist on taking the hard road?” I replied, “Why do you assume I see two roads?
Unknown (via birthofasupervillain)
My manager started giving a lecture on how to do something that I already know how to do and I was like
Someone responded to my email with a question I answered in the initial email and I was like


i get really weird after long movies where am i



when he asks me if I swallowed


Loool ffs.

When there’s a substitute teacher